Obama’s Strange Company

King Obama is in Cuba, a Communist State. Some months ago he signed with others a deal on nuclear weapons with Iran. Iran is run by a group of Religious zealots , and one of the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world. A few years ago his highness was trying to do a reset with Russia, a country becoming less free with each passing day. And Yemen was hailed as a success story, now and for some time in ruins .

Freedom House is an independent organization that rates the level of democracy and freedom around the world. Let’s look at Obama’s choices on The Freedom House scale:

0 the worst and 100 the best


Cuba 13 Not free

Iran 17 Not Free

Russia 22 Not Free

Yemen 17 Not Free

Now compare that to Israel whose security has been undermined by the Iran Deal  and who is threatened by its neighbors every day

Israel 80 Free

And the West bank which gets all this money from the Europeans and is frequently described by American intellectuals and left Democrats and left Canadians  as somehow equivalent to Israel .

West Bank  30 Not Free

Now if Obama and his clan were really serious there a lot of places where their diplomacy and trade , and good will would make a hugh difference and who  have at least shown some measure of freedom, right in this hemisphere:

Dominican Republic 70 Partly Free

Haiti 40 Partly Free

Honduras 45 Partly Free

Guatemala 54 Partly Free

Nicaragua 54 Partly Free

El Salvador 69 Partly Free

Oh! Costa Rica is Free at 90 and Belize is Free at 89.

Not far from Cuba is Jamaica . Free at 75.

As the saying goes you will be judged by the company you keep.



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