Irony and Doublespeak

King Obama provides lots of fodder .

The irony of ironies ; here is  he in a communist state pronouncing on the radical Islamic terrorist attacks in Brussels .

Of course, it ‘s not Extreme Islamic Terrorism , he still just calls it Terrorism. It’s as if these thugs in Belgium are just some misguided group of young people ; you know could be any collection of young people. Who were involved in the Lebanon attack decades ago, the London subway, the Madrid  attacks, New York’s  9/11, Fort Hood( workplace violence , remember) Paris, California? With whom are Al Qaeda and ISIS associated?

Moral compass is an anachronism . There are no fundamentals any more, no common sense precepts .

He even had the audacity to call on the world to unite against ‘ terrorism.’


This is not the same guy who called Afganistan his war ? Nice job! The redline in Syria? Nice job! Total withdrawal from Iraq? Nice job! Supported the Muslum Brotherhood in Egypt? Nice job! Called Yemen a success? Nice job! Libya ? Nice job! Ukraine? Nice job!

Did he receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Be careful Raul, whatever this guy touches————





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