Twisting Words and Concepts

President Obama has that nasty habit of twisting words and concepts . He has been successful largely because many people have become lazy about their system and what it means. And what words and concepts mean .

One can criticize the President  for the act of going to Cuba. And I for one do. Of course, he would no doubt use some reasoning like  the end justifies the means , or a grand notion of helping the Cuban people . And I guess his ego  and legacy inclination drove him also to be the First President for some decades to visit  there.  This reasoning, if you can call it that, disguises  the fact that dissidents were arrested just before he arrived in the island nation.   There is no press freedom and private property rights etc are largely unknown.

What was most startling  was his use of some particular words and concepts. Note this quote from his speech in Cuba :

‘Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical, and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory, you should just decide what works.’

Oh! Is that so ?

Well, it is interesting the President used ‘socialist’ . He was in a ‘communist ‘ country. But he saw fit to use socialist , and in so doing equated Cuba with socialism , not communism . If he was to truly tell the truth he would have used representative democracratic theory versus communist theory. It is in the political organization of people , in the first instance , that one can then judge the value of that country . Economic systems , important , of course, come a distant second.

To frame it the way he did , deliberately in my view, he demeaned his own democratic system and elevated a place where the light of freedom and liberty is still unavailable.

And let us not let the President, Harvard graduate and all, be excused for his equivalency of socialism and capitalism.  He forces us to repeat again that Capitalism is what has made his country so economically successful . Socalism and Communism have both failed , using any fair minded criteria, everywhere , including Cuba.

It is tragic indeed that his apology tour a couple of years back in Egypt and his equivalency of Christainity with Islam ( as Christans were being murdered by Moselms) , is now to find in his final year a twisted formulation of equalvalency of Cuba , an unfree state and America, a free state , by mangling concepts of socialism and capitalism , rather than communism and freedom .



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