Has The Donald Stalled?

A couple of moths ago in a coffee group I attend , I mentioned that the US Primary election season that most Canadians don’t understand , and hence on which they turn up their noses, had a way of weeding out some of the more outlandish candidates . I suspect most in the group were skeptical of what I said.

But it seems that is what is happening with the Donald right now. His lack of clarity, his unsubstantial policy positions and his crude response to negativism is beginning to catch up with him. And, of course , so it should.

In recent weeks his rallies ,or whatever one calls them , have seen some rather raucous scenes , some by opponents that were unfair, but also some responses by the Trump campaign that were uncivil , to be diplomatic.

Two incidents ( there are many) of recent days are instructive.

First, there is the campaign manager affair where the manager is alleged by a female reporter to have grabbed her and which has led to a charge of simple battery. But , it is not this alleged act that is disturbing ( the courts will deal with that) but rather the Trump team’s reaction which was one of complete denial to attempting to disparage the character of the reporter .

Second , there is the question asked by a CNN reporter to Mr. Trump inquiring as to what were the top three things in which the Federal Government should be involved . Trump answered Security , Education and Health . However, it is Mr. Trump who has said Eduction should be handled by the states and health should be ,for the most part , in the private sector.

Of course , on the matter of abortion confusion reigns and statements and corrections abound.

And , some may remember in an early debate when asked a question about the nuclear triad he , Mr. Trump, did not know what that was. What was most shocking is that some weeks later when asked again he still did not know.

So , this long process may have merit . Through all the exposure and debates one can get the measure of the candidates . Latest polls have Mr. Trump’s negativity rising and growth stalled in Wisconsin .

It is pretty clear to anyone who has been following the process that , notwithstanding the legitimate anger abroad in the land as a result of President Obama ‘s now ‘false hope and change’ agenda , plus other factors, the vehicle for addressing and charting a different course for the Republicans , and with a true conservative platform , is someone other that Mr. D.

Looking interesting , indeed.


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