Dion’ s Foreign Policy — Wait For It

‘Responsible Conviction .’

Get that .

I kid you not .

Responsible Conviction .

Mark Blanchfield of the National Post in an article says

‘OTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion has given a label to Canada’s new Liberal foreign policy: responsible conviction.

Dion says it is the guiding principle for the new directions the Liberal government has adopted towards the world.

The minister says the concept incorporates a few old Conservative ideas, but also aims to reverse the previous government’s “disengagement” approach to global affairs.

The Liberals point to a new focus on multilateralism and the United Nations, re-engaging the United States, fighting climate change, talking to Russia and Iran, opposing the death penalty for Canadians in prison abroad, and a different approach to fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Dion says the concept also explains the common ground the Liberals continue to share with the Conservatives, including carrying on its maternal, newborn child health initiative — but adding funding for abortion and family planning — as well as continuing to sell billions in military hardware to Saudi Arabia.’

This is the big lie: The Tory’s  were disengaged . What’s that? You are not going to get way with that here on this blog, Mr. Misrepresentation.

No, no, Mr. Dion like your failed environment policy of the recent past , you have fumbled again .

The Tories were not disengaged   They just had other more valid approaches to foreign policy , like dealing first with democracies like Israel while you are more inclined to deal with Iran where democracy is denied , with Russia where press and individual freedom is taking a hit , with Saudia Arabia where women still are treated less than men .  The Tories  stood up for human rights everywhere all the time , even when it wasn’t fashionable .

The Tories were not disengaged with the US , they just stood up for our Country , for our resources and resource rich Provinces. They stood up to political correctness , against false reasoning , and political posturing on the XL pipeline. They stood up for responsible environmental policy , not the false science of catastrophe , and alarmism . They stood up for realism versus fantasy, rejecting hypocrisy.

Sadly, Mr. Minister, you have fallen for celebrity , for thinking because you say something that  makes it right . Say what you like of what your policy is but don’t denigrate those who came before because they had  a different approach which had nothing whatsoever to do with disengagement. Harper was at the UN more often than any previous PM.

A cautionary tale exists to the south . Celebrity and hype, false notions of hope and change ;  all words , no substance , leading to disillusionment , to division , to anger .

‘Responsible conviction’, what verbal gymnastics is this?

Mr. Minister,  methinks the Ivory Tower is calling you again.







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