Some Favourites

If I was forced to choose it would be something like this:

My ten favourite fiction works

Nostromo, Joseph Conrad

Wurthering Heights -Emily Bronte

The Brothers Karamazov -Fydodor Dostoyevsky

Henry 1V Part II– William Shakespeare

War and Peace — Leo Tolstoy

Barchester Towers—Anthony Trollope

Hamlet—-William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night—William Shakespeare

Love of a Good Woman–Alice Munro

The House of Spirits—Isabel Allende
My Ten Favourite Non Fiction Books

The Road to Serfdom –Frederick Hayek

The Bourgeois Dignity—Deirdre McCloskey

The Discovers and The Creators—Daniel Boorstin

Full House—Stephen J. Gould

Conflict of Visions—-Thomas Sowell

The Rational Optimist — Matt Ridley

History of the Jews—Paul Johnson

In Search of Alexander —Robin Lane Cox

The Writer and the World—V. S. Naipaul

A Secular Age—Charles Taylor


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