President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter, A Story

Just recently I posted the story about Mr. Carter’s cancer illness and the new treatment that saved his life.

Perhaps the former peanut farmer and later Governor was not cut out for national politics , and I , like many others , lamented his procrastination and leftist leanings.

But there is one area in which his approach shined brilliantly.

You see when he was President , I was Premier of the small Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Well, in my travels around the Province there were many who pressed upon me with a particular problem that they thought only the first minister could solve. Rarely was this true but on occasion I suspect it was. And so I always had one or two assistants nearby to ensure that we understood the problem and that we would get back to the voter with a response to the particular issue. And one such unusual problem arose.

A middle aged woman approached me with quite a problem. She had been diagnosed with a rare , severe arthritic problem . Her doctor informed her that it would be difficult to reduce the pain and discomfort on a permanent basis. If , however, she was in a dry climate , that lack of humidity , coupled with appropriate medications could significantly reduce her problem and allow her to continue working. She said she had friends in Arizona . She was well qualified and hence she thought she could find employment. Was it possible , she inquired , to get a visa or move permanently to the USA?

Well, we knew that going through regular channels could be long , and difficult. So after some deliberation we hit upon the idea of going straight to the White House. Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And so a fax ( before computers) was prepared under my signature and sent.

A few days later a response was received indicating that the President was always interested in such cases and that they were prepared to expedite the case.

And so a good deed was accomplished . The lady moved to Arizona, acquired a job and her condition was much improved .

It is fitting , then , that Mr. Carter be blessed with getting a drug at the last moment that saved his life, given that it is most likely he helped many lives like the one of our Newfoundland lady.


2 thoughts on “President Jimmy Carter

  1. Hi Brian it is bitter sweet that Carter has been given the advantage of the latest and greatest of drugs to treat Melanoma. My husband died from Melanoma 15 years ago. At that time treatments were almost nonexistent although a vaccine had been developed by Dr Mitchell in Detroit. It had been used successfully on Sandy Hawley , the jockey, and several Canadians were receiving the drug thru clinical trials coordinated by oncologists on the US. As it turned out I found a source of vaccine, our local hospital and our GP administered this vaccine once a week. It was flown in frozen and then the GP gave the shots while I paid the $1135 a dose. We had no help assistance at all from the Cancer Agency and our request for them to conduct a clinical trial was refused saying it would be too expensive, they would not even administer baseline tests to see if vaccine was effective. Melanoma treatment in Canada still lags far behind most countries and I have all but given up trying to help patients access treatment and competent melanoma specialists..there are none in BC, a great one in AB. Sad commentary when JT is blowing money outside Canada . The BC cancer agency continues to be so far behind they think they are first Hope you don’t think you are the only one who can rant ! Cheers Joan

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