Countries Other Than Canada

Right now, people from countries other than Canada visiting this blog include : US, Spain, Japan , Australia, Jamacia and Turkey.

Thankfully, I have visited all.

Well, I have not been to continental Spain. I have been to that delightful small city Ceuta , on the peninsula from Morocco.

And in Jamaica’s case just I was there at a resort. But I did travel a little .

The US ,of course , I have visited many  times and many places. My first visit was in 1968, Miami, New York and Boston. My favorite cities outside of New York would be Santa Fe and New Orleans.

I visited Japan in the 1980’s , Tokyo( fish market) , and then Sapporo and other towns on the Island of Hokkaido . Took advantage of the ice carving festival and the hot springs.

Australia , several years ago. Sydney, Alice Springs, Ayre’s Rock and Brisbane . And Fraser Island , the sand, gringos, and an unusual small lake.

I left Turkey for last . We were there for 9/11 . In old Istanbul that evening. The markets and Mosques were amazing. As were the people , all over the country.

More uplifting was the visit to the First World War sites at Gallipoli and read the words of the great Ataturk. He must be turning over in his grave at what is now happening to this wonderful country. To visit Ephesus and Troy, travel the plains of Anatolia , the ancient  Tuffs and valleys  of Cappadocia and  drive the treacherous road along the Black Sea to Sinop and then Samsun were memorable experiences.

Thanks for visiting my blog.



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