Flash-D Virus On The Loose

Flash – D Virus On the Loose

Dateline : Anywhere in Canada

A dangerous virus is on the loose and has the potential to seriously diminish the country. Present now all over the country it has taken over every Provincial capital and reigns supreme in the nation’s capital. Given tremendous traction by our boy wonder PM when he promised to inflict it on the nation in the recent election, it is now fashionable , popular and ubiquitous . This deficit virus has gained almost religious status as it spins its influence on infrastructure , climate change , and more legislation and regulation.

It’s wildfire growth was apparent when the recent federal budget saw the virus cause a promised $10 billion go to over $29 billion for one year.

And then yesterday Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador saw the strength of this virus strain as the spending increased in both jurisdictions. Alberta seems determined to get that virus in prime operation , the fiscal room must be filled so that they will be more like Newfoundland and Labrador, whose increased spending ensures that the virus there gains permanent status in the financial firmament .

The minority of concerned experts warn that measures to control this virus are almost non existent . They note that medicine like reduce the size of government is met with derision and inconsistent with the today’s economics.


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