OK , But Remember the Real Targets

Rex Murphy and John  Ivision had interesting comments in the National Post today .

Rex took several strips of  the Lewis duo for their hypocrisy at the NDP convention . Avi, the son of Stephen , having worked for Al Jazerra , the  news outlet financed by Qatar, that fossil fuel producer , while they attacked Alberta ‘s fossil fuel economy. Right and good. But let’s not forget it is our Liberal Princeling, and the present federal government that is the real target as they put additional impediments in the way of responsible oil and gas development and act like they are all things to all people. I used to say years ago that a Liberal was one that usually had a leg on both side of the fence ; the only problem being, as I kept  straddling fences in my young years in Marystown, was when I ‘ fell ‘ . Wow , it was really, really painful.

So, let’s not forget the real target. NDP is just a sideshow as it always has been .

As far a Ivision goes , he gets a  little excited that there may be some movement regarding Aboriginal matters. Using the example of Aboriginals getting some autonomy by being involved  in wind power is a very poor one, given the Government subsidies inherent in this power, the bird killing that wind power causes and the Governments’ high handed approach in taking land to effect such development.

And imagine there having to be some acknowledgement that Harper may have done something right with the Management Act that involved the aboriginal people.

Ivision should be careful in his optimism since recent Suprme Court decisions give extensive additional rights and power to the aboriginal people . The problem is that the process involved in achieving title as it relates to this is very long and complicated and introduces greater uncertainty for resource development in those areas of the country where aboriginal title is likely. And even an aboriginal group alleging title will cause delay and uncertainty . This week’ s further Supreme Court decision regarding the Metis and non status Indians will further exacerbate this circumstance .

Conclusion :

OK take a few shots at the Socalists but remember it’s the Liberals that are the impediment right now . And secondly, the Supreme Court , while idenfying and confirming certain rights and potential title to land to Aboriginals , has introduced simultaneously  a process by which this is accomplished which is fraught with delay and complication .




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