Have a leap

Perhaps you have heard of the LEAP Manifesro in the last few weeks if you did not hear about it before. It gained prominence at the latest NDP Convention where the party unceremoniously got rid of Mulcair, up to then the leader.

Just click the words in and presto  you can read it for yourself. Over 39,000 ,according to the website  , have signed on to this fantasy .

Reference is made to two academic documents that provide comic relief after a serious day at work. Laugh yourself to sleep.

It’s like these people live in another part of the universe, devoid of experiences on the ground . Their big issue is energy , of course , and generating electricity. They talk of wind but never the birds that are killed or the land that is used, how the turbines are manufactured , or the cost to the consumer unless heavily aubsidized and then once again the taxpayer pays.

Solar is even more costly and eats up more land and , of course, the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow.

Do these people think we do not read and know that Germany has had to burn more coal after they phased out nuclear and tried to replace with wind and solar? How is that for a success story?

Spain went crazy on theses reneawabls for a while and then had to phase out the subsidies to their Solar Panel  companies. It also received funds from the EU because it had financial troubles.

Look at California and Ontario , two sub sovereign jurisdictions in all kinds or fianancial trouble partly because of their electricity policies that provide hugh subsidies to their wind and solar buddies.  If it is all so good how come Solar Panel companies have gone bankrupt and subsidy programs must remain in place.

Oh, there is talk also of town hall meetings all over the country to somehow have local decision making . Oh yah ?

Representative democracy arose because it was realized a long time ago that it is the only way progress was possible in a geographically and culturally diverse landscape called the earth.

Anyway , if you want some entertainment without leaving the house , have a read.




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