Williams Announces Muskrat , Then Resigns, Now Martin before Completion

I guess if you can’t take the heat,  get out of the kitchen .

But here are two people,  Willams, the Premier,   and Martin , the CEO of Nalcor , proclaiming from the mountain tops the almost sanctity of the Muskrat project but neither wanted to stay around to see their marvel come to fruition. The Premier resigns just afte announcing it, and now Ed Martin , head of the Corporation to develop the project resigns less than halfway through the project’s development.   Strange , don’t you think? How can a tax payer get their head around that? Truth is stranger ————-.

Mr. Martin’ s resignation statement is something else.

  1. He says the Province needs the power . So? That does not mean that it must be Muskrat Power . There should have been a rigorous , expert, independent , all options examination ,not one that was rigged in favor of Muskrat
  2. He says it’s clean . Well , flooding land is not that pristine , is it? How do you talk about green out of one side of your mouth and then to go on and tout the company’s investments in oil and gas and the revenues therefrom . We’re not stunned, Mr. Martin. Stop insulting us.
  3. And then you talk about the Province and not having to rely on oil from outside the Province . How can you say this stuff when it was outside the Province, Nova Scotia , who decided the final terms of the project , and that it is they who will get the electricity cheaper from our river than we get ourselves .  Outside the Province says you? Then where is the money coming from to build the project in the first place , me son ? Outside the Province ! And your company is working with those oil companies who are from , oh, outside the Province . What company has one of the largest contracts ? An Italian company. Outside the Province !

What utter nonsense!

And now the full Board resigns .

Leadership ? Tis a UFO, I says.


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