Perhaps Some Sanity

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians can perhaps breath a little sigh of relief.

That is the reaction , I suspect , to the appointment of Stan Marshall to take over NALCOR and hopefully get the truth out as to the real status of the muti billion dollar Muskrat Falls Hydro Project. Mr. Marshall is a competent individual after leading Fortis, a now international corporate concern , to great success. Premier Ball can be forgiven for not going to competition in this instance, I think. There was an immediate need to move quickly given the resignation of both the CEO and the full board of directors.

Now the Board must be appointed . My sense is that Marshall would not take this job if the Premier had not assured him that the Board members will be appointed based on knowledge and experience not politics.

Hope I am right.

Hoefully , we will see sooner rather than later a steady hand, an accountable and transparent corporation.

The people of the Province deserve the facts on a project instigated by ego and legacy, pursued by leaderless , incompetent administrations , and executed incompetently , largely ignoring the people to whom all involved were supposed to serve.





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