Perhaps Some Sanity II

Perhaps Some Sanity II

I had no sooner complimented the new Government in St. John’s on the appointment of Stan Marshall as President of the troubled energy corporation than one has to scratch ones head on the appointment of the interim Board for this corporation: a private sector lawyer, a public sector lawyer deputy minister, another deputy minister , and an academic who is already been involved with the corporation. .

None have any qualifications that I can see as it relates to large energy projects let alone hydro projects .

Everyone knows ( there now has been a number of national stories) that the Muskrat Hydro Project is in crisis mode . The Ernest Young interim report proves that.

I think we all thought that with the Marshall appointment we could reasonably expect that what would follow would be appointments that would be consistent with this first one . Some expertise , some experts who could support Marshall. No such luck !

And this business of interim because of this new , promised appointments commission ,though we’ll meaning , is meant for normal times, regular business .

These ‘ain’t ‘ regular times, I submit . This ‘ain’t regular business.


2 thoughts on “Perhaps Some Sanity II

  1. Very good to see that you take such interest, as I do in what has transpired in our native province, (colony).

    Sadly, one aspect of my own Engineering career, some of which was building schools in NL in the 70’s, was seeing the decline of my profession in the area of providing integrity along with solid Applied Science. As a practicing Cost Engineer I developed the necessary skill to give my leaders the most transparent view on estimated cost to complete, with due consideration of the project variables in play. Too often, when given my best efforts, I was told to shut up!

    Stan, hopefully will get the support needed, as he proceeds with his Cost Engineering approach to salvage Muskrat

    Robert G. Holmes
    retired and living in Fernie, BC


    • Thanks for this. I hope as well than Stan can get the ‘right’ information. I know him from years back and he was a straight shooter. Hope he does not get overwhelmed with the likely diversions to come his way.


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