Some of my Quotes I just found in a File

We are moving house. So it is time for hard decisions about books and files. It is difficult . Tearing up files on important issues , giving away books. They are important to you , no one else.

Going through one of the many boxes of files I found a sheet which summarized some quotes of mine in the early eighties.  Perhaps I should share.

  1. 1979 , leadership convention: ‘You know , some people get a little squeamish when we talk about a dream, or a destiny, or a vision of ourselves and our future. I am not one of them.
  2. Annual Party Convention 1980: This is my case–this is my vision for out Province-from this I will never bend-from this I will never shirk-to this ideal I will be forever true. Because, ladies and gentlemen,  one day , with your help, the sun will shine and ‘have not’ will be no more.’
  3. Annual Party Convention 1981: ‘It is here and now that our minds must be clear, our hearts pure, and our will to succeed must no bounds.’
  4. Press Conference 1982: ‘And while I must deal with today, I must worry about tomorrow , because I don’t want it to be like yesterday.’
  5. Annual Party Convention 1983: ‘ I’m told there are some who thought I had shot my bolt. Some  shot! Some bolt! There are miles to go–promises to keep, before I ‘ll be satisfied to lie me down to sleep.’
  6. Speech National Tour 1984: ‘ Canada , in the decades leading to the end of this century , cannot hope to be strong, or productive, or self sufficient, if the shadows hanging over the aspirations of Newfoundland go unaltered by time.’

2 thoughts on “Some of my Quotes I just found in a File

  1. What important files are you tearing up and why?

    You can and should donate any government papers to the university. You get a nice tax credit and people like me get to read them because they have important information in them.


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