Obama, It’s None Of Your Business

Why does President Obama continue to make such a fool of himself ? Is it that he is getting near the end and his ego drives him to try to stay in the news ?

He goes to Britian and flagrantly injects himself into their  referendum on membership in the EU. It’s none of his bloody business. Like always , he began his press conference by saying he was not going to get involved and the proceeds to get involved . What a jerk?

Can you imagine a foreign leader coming to Washington and interfering in a national  referendum about the future relations say with Latin America? That person would be roundly criticized and unceremoniuosly sent home. And rightly so.

And then to say that if Britian votes to leave the EU , then they would be at the end of the line of countries with whom the US  would negotiate a free trade agreement? How presumptuous and arrogant of the man? He has less than a year left in office. How can he speak for US policy in the future?  And for him to say the US has a special relationship with Britain is false . It is a special relationship with David Cameron. If it were with Britian then he would say the US would begin negotiations immediately after the vote if Britain were to leave.

The European Union experiment is in trouble. Instead of sticking to a vibrant economic arrangement , some dreamers are trying to standardize the continent , homogenize the multiple ethnic groups into some ugly political morass that ensures incessant division , excessive regulation, and lethargic growth . They forget the success of the Hanseatic League  centuries ago.

Obama is not satisfied at causing division at home more than any recent President  but wants to ‘ export’ this witch’s brew on others including some ofAmerica’s best friends , like he has already done with Israel and Canada.






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