Can You Believe?

Canadians are good on turning down their noses at Americans . I hear it almost every day. A news director on a Vancouver radio station yesterday , being interviewed by an open line host on that station,  were trying to talk about the American election . Well , this guy ,without stating one single piece of information , declared that Senator Cruz was a crazy. Yep, heard it with my own two ears. I suspect this guy picked up that description from  some left wing American group , again likely without any substantiation . There was no talk of the Senator being a top student at both Princeton and  Harvard, a national debate winner, attorney general of the State of Texas , worked in the Federal Justice Department and argued seven cases before the  US Supreme Court winning four of them . Not too shabby , I would think . And there is an available website to read the Senator’s detailed policies. Of course, Canada is so left these days that even a well thought out different tax policy , a fair but tougher immigration policy , or a pro Israeli foreign policy would be seen as crazy.

One has to look no further than Alberta and Ottawa to see the shallowness of our own politics . Truth is really stranger than fiction ;  for example, when you have NDP Premier Notley briefing our celebrity consumed Liberal Princeling on , of all things, oil pipelines. Can tou believe it? The world is turned upside down.

This sudden false Road to Damascus conversion of our Premier socialist is just too much. And reading a Bloomburg report of these two with their minions falling all over themselves in trying to articulate on the nature , extent of a so called moratorium on tanker traffic on the west coast  was hilarious. It has finally dawned on these ‘two pigmies of policy ‘ that we have oil and gas and that it must move to market. What a startling revelation! Just imagine if someone had the nerve to tell these two that there are 830,000 kilometres of pipeline ( gathering, feeder, transmission, and distribution) already in place in this country?

‘The Fault , dear Brutus , is not in our stars but in ourselves .’



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