Earl’s and Beef

The Canadian restaurant chain Earl’s has decided to get all its beef from the ranchers in Kansas. It used to get its beef from Alberta ranchers . The Kansas  ranchers treat their cows better, Earl’s alleges.

Here is what the Americans do :

What is Certified Humane?

Certified Humane, the program that Earls restaurant chain adopted this week, is a U.S.-based certification program run by the non-profit group, Humane Animal Care. In order to carry the Certified Humane label, a food product must meet certain criteria related to the life of the farm animal from birth through slaughter. These criteria include:

No cages, no crates, no tie stalls. Animals must be free to do what comes naturally.

A diet of quality feed, without animal by-products, antibiotics or growth hormones.

Producers must comply with food safety and environmental regulations. Processors must comply with the American Meat Institute Standards (AMI), a slaughter standard written by animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin.

The Certified Humane standards are set by a 36 member committee comprised of animal scientists and veterinarians. Producers participating in the Certified Humane program are audited annually by members of this committee to ensure they are meeting all the criteria.

In Canada

Canada has no equivalent certification program, though that doesn’t mean there aren’t producers and processors north of the border already meeting these criteria on their own. Organic beef producers, for example, do not use growth hormones or antibiotics to raise their cattle.

Canadian producers who do use growth hormones or antibiotics must follow strict rules laid out by Health Canada. In addition, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency carries out random tests on food products to ensure hormone and antibiotic levels don’t exceed established limits.

Canada also has a National Farm Animal Care Council that lays out recommendations regarding the humane treatment and care of farm animals. It published a Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle in 2013.

Seems to me Earl’s could have worked with the Alberta industry a little more.

Looking at the two systems I am not sure there is much difference anyway.

Could this be just a little more political corectness ?

Meanwhile millions of children go hungry every day around the world and food banks exist and are busy in some of the wealthiest Canadian towns.


4 thoughts on “Earl’s and Beef

  1. Well now Earl’s and their companies (including Cactus Club) are going to experience a boycott from those Canadians that are fed up with the political correctness….including me.


  2. Agree with your comments on Earls..what can we do?
    Sidebar…are you a Peckford from Nfld? Possibly ex-premier or one from Change Islands….I ask because I am a Newfie Peckford too…..


    • I am the ex alright. My grandfather was born in Lock’s Cove just outside Fogo harbour. His name was Joseph. His father’s name was Thomas . I think we were the only Peckfords on Fogo Island . All the rest were on Change Islands and later Gander Bay.


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