Did I just read that King Obama is to Address our Parliament

Now I do not mean to be rude but Our Princeling inviting ‘You can keep your doctor, stop the XL Pipeline ‘ President to Address Parliament and that it is likely be in June is a slap in the face to the West , especially Alberta.

OK , I understand that they are two peas in a pod , that one must be diplomatic , but our energy industry , one of our major economic drivers was severely negatively impacted by Obama’s ideological stance on the XL pipeline. Everyone knows that to be the case.

If our Princeling was really taking into account our interests , he would invite the Nobel Prize Winner ( did he really ‘win’ that) to Canada alright —–how about to Calgary and Edmonton —-to  the oil sands and to see first hand what is happening there. There ‘s nothing like seeing for yourself .

You see by doing the Ottawa thing we are sort of condoning the Obama finger to our energy industry and the pipelines crucial to a viable oil and gas industry in our country. And we are indirectly giving a thumbs up to the disastrous energy policy of Ontario where electricity prices are going through the roof .

It’s a sad reality that these two leaders lead in piling up big deficits for future generations to pay off.

And the Trump and Sanders phenomenon are in no small measure due to the big spending , big debt, unrealistic , non transparent , executive rule of the Obama years.

Not sure our Parliament will be enhanced with a lecture from this American .




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