This Morning’s News

News reports this morning have the Restaurant chain Earl’s backing away from its silly policy of buying beef from a group of alleged humane treating cattlemen in Kansas and dumping Alberta beef. I guess other people thought like me i.e. that this was ‘splitting hairs ‘if one looks at the practices used in both countries . Common sense may have regained some ground in this country.

Trump wins in Indiana. It’s tough to find anything good to say here. On the day of the vote he, ‘Trump’ , deliberately repeats an unsubstantiated report about Ted Cruz ‘s father and an alleged association with Lee Harvey Oswald. When a leading candidate for one of the major parties in the US stoops to this disgusting behaviour ( and this is after multiple other unsavoury attacks on other individuals ) it is no wonder many look at the US in a negative way. It look like the US is poised  to have their two major candidates for President with historic high unfavourable ratings  as a result of both of them showing the world their massive contradictions and untrustworthiness. One flaunts the rules of her own government, deep in the pockets of Wall Street ‘high rollers’, while the other is steeped in generalities , petty juvenile personal insults , whose understanding of the world is at the elementary school level made all the more astounding given his businesses’s global reach. Scary!

Fort McMurray . As if the people in this city didn’t have enough to deal with given the oil price reduction , a massive forest fire causes the evacuation of the whole city. Sad.




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