The Gullible Public

Tis a wondrous thing to behold these days:  North American politics.

Celibrity  rules the day. One time it was heroes . You know some substance . No more. Tis all glamour now and commitments callously broken while smiling all the way to the next event.

In Canada we have this selfie consumed Princeling whose promise of deficits wins him an election , only ten billion in the first year you understand , magically to turn into $30 billion in a few months.

And now in the US and you have this incoherent Twitter driven self consumed  alleged billionaire espousing a self financed campaign , criticizing all Wall Street and the establishment only to morph into hiring a Goldman Sachs guy and long time establishment Ed Rollins and muse about taking money now .

And within a few hours of becoming the presumptive Republican nominee deserting one if his few conservative positions: the minimum wage .

And all of this on the heels of the keep your own doctor , false noble peace prize winner , Chicago community organizer , double the debt , King Obama .

What can one say to a bright 15 year old who tells his or her parents that they have broken their commitment to even take out the garbage : ‘ I am  only doing what Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Trump are doing every day.



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