Some Canadian Provincial History

In going through all my stuff in packing to move I have to review all the photographs that I kept.

There is one large one , wide angle shot from the gallery of the BC Legislature zooming down to the main body capturing all the Provincial delegations present for the Premiers Conference   August 11 to the 15 , 1981.

Here are the list of Premiers in the photo:

Bennett of British Columbia

Davis of Ontario

Levesque of Quebec

Hatfield of New Brunswick

Buchanan of Nova Scotia

McClean of Prince Edward Island

Lyon of Manitoba

Blackney of Saskatchwan

Lougheed of Alberta

And Your Truly.

Only three of these gentlemen are still with us

Buchanan ( b. 1931) Davis (b. 1929) and Your Truly( b. 1942).

Time marches on.


4 thoughts on “Some Canadian Provincial History

  1. I certainly remember all the names. You mention packing to move. Hope you are not going too far. Qualicum enjoys the intellectual colour you bring to issues and events.


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