Tis Getting Imperial

I was right to call our new first minister Princeling. That was confirmed in spades  to me in the last twenty four hours as I listened to radio and watched a little TV.

Why, it was an announcement in the House of Commons that his excellency, his grace ( I don’t know which is the better description) was going to Fort McMurray . Then this morning I heard on radio that he had landed in Edmonton and before long , My God, he was there . Yes, sir, right there in the flesh ,in Fort McMurray. Breathless it makes one. Did he just just get carried on a cloud , all the way from the Rideau?

It almost makes you think that with a little more time and the pliant press and he will be right up there with King Obama . Remember when he came to power and he had this dream team that was next to the Angels and Chris Matthews of CNN News TV even got a shiver down his leg. Watch for Peter Mansbridge to follow suit.

Well, it now has moved north.

Add to that , that the Princeling’s better half ( just a turn of phrase , don’t mean it literally. Well , I suppose I don’t) is complaining that she cannot carry our her imperial duties with such a short staff.  The invitations are just overwhelming . Suffocating isn’t it when you parade to be all things to all people and then the inbox overloads.

And to further ruin my day just after it got started,  I heard two talking heads on Vancouver Global TV ( I had just turned it on for the first time in months , stupidly thought I would learn something) , the host and a reporter , discussing this news story , lamenting just how busy the new First Lady must be and how badly she needed to spend extra money with not a iota of a word about the there being tens of billions of dollars of a deficit.

Of course,  if The Princeling is going to be mimic the king , must not the Princess mimic the Queen .

Oh, the glory that was Rome——-



5 thoughts on “Tis Getting Imperial

  1. I am fed up past the teeth with this preening wannabe-royalty……who does madame think she is – the Queen’s daughter-in-law!!!! – look at her giddily schoolgirlish bouncing around the white house……..we know who he thinks he is – this selfie-obsessed can’t even say it………
    Give me the likes of Mrs Harper who quietly got on with life in the background, while her husband attended to the affairs of the country.


  2. Well Brian , JTs trip to Ft Mac was on CNN international in Norway this evening..you might think he was the first to visit ( not assist) ! In the time since the fire, Wild Rose leader Brian Jean, who lost his home of fifty years and is still morning the death of his only son from cancer last year has been sleeping in a tent and assisting 24/7 . Makes you wonder what JT would do if his castle was on fire….things are getting worse daily…

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