Basic History and Georgraphy , UFO’s

Every few days something happens or I read something that reminds me of my age or better still how little people really know these days.

A number of incidents have occurred recently  where friends of mine have sent me, via e-mail.  commentary by so called leading experts on the geopolitical situation. This AM I received one on Canada US relations. And so help me it was as if these experts had read parts of a Geography text book on Economic Geography that I taught in Grade Ten in 1968. Obviously many companies etc do not know their basic geography  and basic economics and must rely on ‘experts’ ,so called, to provide for a price an overview on what should already be common place in the knowledge base of the individuals of that company.

Not to put too fine a point on it I remember sitting in a board room in downtown Vancouver several years ago. We were waiting for a ‘laggard ‘to arrive . How frustrating! Punctuality seems to have faded into the distant past. But while waiting those present began some small talk . We were looking out at parts of Vancouver harbor and marveling at how busy it was and the tremendous trade that was ongoing. I happened to mention about  the Hanseatic League that I had learned in high school through my history and geography courses. No one in the room had ever heard of such an organization .

I rest my case.


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