You Don’t Expect Me To Remain Silent—-?

Did you hear about the shenanigans in the House of Commons yesterday? No, how could that be?  The Princeling was going to make the place the model of proper decorum. Some chance , the hypocrite.

Do you ever remember Mr. Harper crossing the floor of the House, grab an MP, jostle another ? No you did not! But our pristine Princeling did just that. The stupor of hypocrisy that emanates from this Government contaminates the Capital City like never before.

Then , of course, the big apology.

But the cause of the ruckus was this Government’s attempts to limit debate. And with the apology the Pristine  Princeling failed to address this cause, a new bill to change the rules of debate.

Four times already the Government has limited debate on bills eviscerating the promises made during the election.

Oh, how they denigrated Mr. Harper.

Even CBC radio had to report their benefactor seems a little off.

Imagine that!




2 thoughts on “You Don’t Expect Me To Remain Silent—-?

  1. Watch the angry stride he has – puffed up importance – bully tactics. What no-one has addressed yet is the “crossing the floor”. My understanding is that the Mace is laid on the table (symbolic, of course) but designed to keep the ruling and opposition parties apart. My understanding is that each NEVER crosses past the Mace limit………is this out-of-date??? I don’t think so because if you watch the Conservative Whip trying to make his way through the NDP gathering, he STAYS ON HIS SIDE OF THE CHAMBER – even when there was a clear passage on the Liberal side……….someone please address this huge faux pas by the PM.


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