Mayor Robertson . Stick to your Bailiwick

Is this guy a nuisance or what? He thinks he knows everything about everything. The Great Pontificator.

Here is is out attacking the National Energy Board decision on the Trans Mountain project  as a sham simply because he did not get his own way like he does in his city. Sorry Moonbeam , you don’t run the country . And from what I see,  the federal Regulatory Process in its jurisdiction does a better job than many  of the  regulatory processes that are operational in your jurisdiction.  Anyway what do you know about pipeline projects? Not long ago a BC Court ruled that the City of Burnaby was outside its jurisdiction when it formally got involved in attacking this project . Didn’t you get the memo, Mr. Mayor? Or have you hired a battery of experts to advise you on something outside your authority? Stick to your knitting and bike lanes. That’s simple.

Lister Dreamer , if you are going attack the NEB process as a sham and raise the Paris Environmental Agreement, you got your shams mixed up . Only this is a much bigger sham , a global one. Fused with numerous committees and processes based upon faulty science, with flimsy enforcement mechanisms,   propagated by full time bureaucrats , it shows all that is wrong with top heavy nosy , faceless entities who want to run our lives. Obviously , you have not read the document. If you look on my blog you can see some commentary on the document.

If you are really concerned about the environment may I beseech you to  begin in your own backyard and with what is.

How about the Vancouver and Fraser Port Authority  with its 27 terminals  that handles all kind of that dirty oil and chemicals and other ugly stuff. Why haven’t you advocated to close it down . Its in your own bailiwick!  It goes against everything that is in that Paris Agreement and what apparently you believe.  I mean this largest Canadian Port, third largest in North America,  only creates 98,000 Canadian jobs. $6 billion in wages and $1.8 billion in taxes.

Now ,my boy,  if you really want to show your environmental bona fides this is the place to start.

And while your at it , given your penchant to attack projects in nearby municipalities,  how about that Roberts Bank terminal in neighboring Delta . Wow,  this is a great target for you. It exports 20 million tons of that dirty coal a year, largest facility  of its kind in North America.  Haven’t heard a peep from you on that! And those dirty , fossil fueled trains that service these ports . Close them down .

And,  sir, have you heard about all that natural gas in the north east of the Province? Well, let me inform you that most of that gas is now produced through that ugly process called fracking that you and your green friends just hate. Haven’t heard your voice on this ! How about the 40,000 kilometers of pipeline that carries oil and gas around the Province? How can you sleep at night?  Its right here in Vancouver! And you have done nothing about it.

Oh, yes, you better start stop asking for all that money from Ottawa , too. You see, your worship, a lot of that money your asking for comes from oil and gas royalties and taxes paid to have provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan and BC. And the Provincial money you receive? Some of it would be generated from oil and gas royalties and other taxes.

Oh, you poor fellow , throwing stones from that glass house must be so tiring!



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