Hypocrisy Virus in Full Bloom

Please excuse my on going insistence on this but it is important to me.
 Part of Article 4 of Paris Environmental Agreement
4. Developed country Parties should continue taking the lead
by undertaking economy-wide absolute emission reduction targets. Developing country Parties should continue enhancing their mitigation efforts, and are encouraged to move over time towards economy-wide emission reduction or limitation targets in the light of different national circumstances.
TOKYO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally invited Japanese auto executives Tuesday in Tokyo to invest more in Canada.
This is what our country has come to.
Do you remember only several weeks ago our Princeling waxing eloquent in Paris about the new environmental agreement , committing tens of millions of new dollars to the cause of reducing emissions.
Do you remember the new layers of regulations and hearings the Princeling’s Government has imposed for projects in western Canada. For example, an additional five month review on Trans Mountain Project by non experts after the NEB , an expert panel, spent two years studying it.
Now here is this same the same Prime Minister in Japan seeking more auto plants !
The hypocrisy is stultifying. It looks very much like ‘ Hammer the west ‘s new projects on the environment but get more car plants for Ontario and ignore the environment.’ Great way to build a country , don’t you think?
Yet , Canadians are still enamored with celebrity according to the recent polls.

One thought on “Hypocrisy Virus in Full Bloom

  1. Yup, the Trudeau liberals are living up to their reputation of being a central Canada centric party. Trudeau won’t be a cheerleader for pipelines because they indirectly go along with promoting the use of fossil fuels. But don’t cars do exactly that! So many votes in Ontario helped him. It’s now payback time! Hypocrisy with a capital H. Tom.


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