Two Stories

What has really caught my eye today as I read the numerous news reports :

One . A hearing before the senate committee on foreign relations in the US disclosed that the US military is using Russian engines in many of their rockets . Here is a part of the Wall Street Journal story:

‘The Pentagon is ratcheting up warnings about budget and national-security risks that it contends would result from abruptly ending the use of Russian-built RD-180 engines that power many U.S. military rockets.

In the latest escalation of the long-running debate over the fate of such engines, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work told a veteran Democratic lawmaker the Air Force doesn’t have the budget flexibility to cover the cost of rapidly replacing RD-180 engines with more-expensive domestic boosters.

The extra expense, projected to be between $1.5 billion and $5 billion over roughly six years, “would crowd out other important national-security investments” and may produce “the unintended consequence of delaying our ability to enable development of new domestic launch capabilities,” Mr. Work told Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida in a recent letter.’

So the Russians are not too shabby when it comes to manufacturing certain hardware it seems, contrary to what one often hears , and to such an extent that the US is using them and ,of course , they could be used against them if they’re was ever a war between the US and Russia. The strange ways of international affairs. Who would believe it? Fact is stranger than fiction that’s for sure.

Two. Google lost a court battle to stop a court battle over its behaviour in California . Apparently , it is being alleged by certain commercial groups in that state that Google did not play by the rules . Google tried to stop the ligation from proceeding . The US Supreme Court has ruled that the case against Google can proceed. So Google is fallible after all . Thank God for that.


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