How to Describe Him

Donald Trump has beaten all expectations concerning his run to the Presidency of the USA.

However, Primaries are one thing . A General Election is another. And the Press may be getting a little more responsible. One can argue based on the past few months of coverage that the press has in large measure allowed  Trump pretty free reign carrying many of his rallies and so called press conferences after a primary win. No other candidate received such widespread coverage where the candidates remarks were carried as they were spoken. Hence, little organization was in place in the Trump campaign . The Donald was running it himself with a few staff and family members.

Now, the game has changed . The many outlandish remarks were       not  taken seriously or were quickly off the front page as another Donald event intervened.

The recent issue over the judge who is presiding over the Trump University court action brings in shape focus the limits of this one man show and how it now causes the Republican presumptive nominee a lot of problems. Apologists try and excuse Him by saying he is not a politician or his speech is always a little exaggerated . This , too , has its limits. And so a grown man, graduate of Wharton,  who alleges billionaire status ,  great deal maker , must be held accountable for his statements , I submit. And this latest one concerning the judge and his ancestral roots as an argument for the judge being less than impartial just won’t fly.

When some of his own prominent supporters  ,like former speaker Newt Ginrich , question such statements one knows the Republican Party better get a handle on their candidate . At this moment that seems unlikely given that the Donald , rather than apologize for such positions , is doubling down and trying to get his surrogates to attack the press who question or criticize this untenable position.

A hot summer it will be.



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