Canadian Energy Policy?

In my last post I referenced the West Coast LNG problem in that the great promise of a few years ago has now melded into a muted hope . BC was too late in getting its act together oblivious it seemed to what was going on in the other competitive parts of the world like Australia and the US. We seem to have this naive notion that the world is waiting for us . I hear it all the time. Sad. As I travel I am reminded each time that while we have walked forward other nations were running to catch up and pass us.

If you remember we did the same thing in the north with the McKenzie Valley pipeline and now have ‘stranded gas’ and lack of meaningful employment that such development could have wrought.

The Northen Gateway pipeline , the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and the Energy East pipeline are important projects for the nation. Without the ability to move our commodities we will stagnate. That’ s what the great railway projects of an earlier era were all about.

There is a National Energy Board and it has ruled on the first two of these projects. It took time, money,  and many hearings and their reports are available for all to see. Each was approved but with many important conditions. Now if the Federal Government is not prepared to accept this thorough examination then the Board should be changed or abolished and something more akin to the Governments priorities put in place. So that we call see what’ s going on. The Federal Government has appointed a special committee with little experience to look at the Kinder Morgan project , a real slap in the face to the Board, I submit. This is just political window dressing at a time when decisive action is needed.

Do people realize what’s going on? We are exporting oil to the US through pipeline from Alberta mainly, and back east they are importing oil from foreign sources for their refineries. We refuse to allow Canadian oil to be refined in all the country. That’s what the energy east pipeline is all about . We refuse to allow oil from Alberta to the west coast so we can export and create more jobs and wealth. We missed out on the LNG and McKenzie as already mentioned .

But it gets worse! The foreign oil coming to eastern Canada ? It used to be all from Middle East , Venezeula, North  Sea and Nigeria. Now it’s bad enough in that it is coming from states with flawed human rights records . But get this . Over 60% is now coming from ————yes sir ——you got it —-the good old USA! So says the National Energy Board.  And , and , much of it is oil from fracking that the same eastern provinces will not allow on their own land .

The US is winning on both scores. Our heavier oil is going at a discount to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico that handles such oil , and we buy their low sulphur fracked oil for refineries back east .  But no pipelines west in our own country to get more for our heavy oil , and no pipelines to the east to use our western oil , and no fracking back east to find and use our own fracked oil.

That’ s what you call Energy Policy ??

Oh, that ugly US  that we created in this instance by our own hand.


One thought on “Canadian Energy Policy?

  1. Sad but oh so husband used the term ” so far behind they think they’re first” certainly applies to Canada in this miserable scenario ! Thank you for these summaries…always spot on !

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