Quick Take

Newfoundland teachers in a new report of theirs want more money . Forget about the precarious state of the Province’s finances. One would think that such’ educated ‘ people would publish a report on how they would like to participate in assisting the Government by serving on Boards, task forces and the like. Remember Glen Campbell’s ‘narrow minded people–

Afanganistan is running short of Russian helicopters and because of US sanctions against Russia regarding Ukraine , replacements and parts are impossible. It’s called long range planning. Ha!

Some prominent GOP business executives are coming out for Hillary . Surprise, surprise.

Business is in a panic over  Brexit . Comfortable pews could be disrupted. Funny how trying to be sovreign causes such a tisy.

A massive LNG project in Alaska is moving forward . Cost $45billion to $60 billion . Alaska Government is involved as well as Exxon Mobil, BP, and Conoco Philips . Wonder if this will have an impact on Canadian West Coast LNG projects?

And , the Premier of Ontario sees her approval numbers reach new lows. Is it possible she will be unable to recover. One lives in hope.




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