Nation State Victory

Contrary to all the so called experts , something we have been seeing a lot of lately, the U.K. votes to leave the European Union as it is presently structured.

You see, this European project , sensibly enough , began as an economic project, a free trade zone . And that was good. But there was those who dreamed of a far broader arrangement , making incursions into the political.

It is this brazen encroachment into Parliament’s powers that ultimately led to the ‘leaves ‘ victory ? The peoples’house is an important institution in Great Britian finding its voice since the Magna Carter centuries ago. It is bad enough in that imperfect world of democracy that the capital city and its bureaucrats oversee the rest of the people in the country, but to see powers of the peoples’ house move from there to a territory outside the country into a larger vague political entity involving many countries was just ‘ a bridge too far.’

What is most striking is that the elites in every sector, everywhere supported the remain campaign. The pollsters included. But the ordinary people have had enough of being told what to believe, what was best for them.  I remember more than a decade ago sitting in a small cafe on the Algarve in Portugal talking to ordinary people , small farmers, retail workers, who spoke of the new road  to Lisbon financed by the EU , but of their loss of influence and power. They recognized politics had changed. And they were not happy .

At a very real level the leaders ignored a very basic human trait , of belonging , of being important in the larger picture . Perhaps that is why Switzerland is so successful with their cantons and referendum process , and with four languages.

Economics and free trade is one thing , using this as a license for political union is quite another. And the people were not consulted.

It is a good day for the people , a bad day for the elites. And ultimately that’s a good thing.



6 thoughts on “Nation State Victory

  1. Exactly, the elites have lost the perspective that their position of influence ultimately requires the sanction of the individual citizen. Perhaps the desire to grant more power to overarching organizations shows us they truly want to remove any voter impediments to their actions. Will the UN now finally catch the wrath of the voter? Meech Lake and our own recent translink referendum show that Britain is not alone housing disgruntled voters.


  2. Brian, would you care to comment on the similarity of Canada’s elite, who have sold out our own Sovereignty and Democratic powers under NAFTA, and already committed TPP Commercial Trade Deals? Was not the recent repudiation of the CPC agenda an example of trading one elite regime for another?


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