Dr. Kissinger

Most of us who have grown up and become ‘senior’ now , also grew up with Dr. Kessinger travelling  on the world stage. A powerful personage influencing American foreign policy and hence world events.

And he still has his voice on present day affairs.

An article this morning in the Wall Street Journal is his latest example. In it Dr. Kissinger pleads for co operation going forwarded among the various western nations in the wake of the British democratic decision to leave , let’s make it clear , not Europe, but the constructed European Union and all its treaties. He asks for new American leadership in this regard and rightly chastises President Obama for his adolescent interjection in the debate by saying , if Britain leaves , American will put it at the back of the line in any new trade talks. That’s a Noble Peace prize recipient , Harvard Graduate for you. No wonder the ordinary people don’t trust the elite . Anyway, unfortunately, Dr. Kessingersin fails to address what I think is the most important point. Below I addressed that in a comment I posted at the Wall Street Journal’comment section:

‘Unfortunately, Dr. Kissinger did not address head on the elephant in the room: the role of the nation state given its obvious reduction in the European version of the future. Sovreignity is a special concept and I wonder how the good doctor would feel if the North American Free Trade Agreement suddenly meant the reduction of American sovreignity to the extent that it has happened to the British within the European Union, even before its currency is abandoned and that The New Capital of NAFTA was Ottawa.’


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