Our Parliament’s Ignorance

I may be all alone but that display in Parliament yesterday was a disgrace.

Here is the person who single handedly stopped the XL pipeline , preventing the creation of jobs and more wealth for our nation. How is it our leaders can call for four more years? Disgusting.

From most of the coverage I have seen to date I find the same old stuff that this false noble prize winner has been saying since  he was the junior senator from Illinois .

Obviously , most Canadians like everything about the man .

Sad that we subscribe to such a flawed , international person to emulate .

A person who:

1. Lied to the American people about his health plans , keep your doctor and all that;

2. Internationally, broke a promise and hence let down America’s Middle East friends with his abdication of enforcing his promised red line in Syria;

3. Whose use of executive power and  regulation the courts have recently ruled is unconstitutional .

Our parliamentarians seem to care little that : since Obama  has taken office:

1. The public debt of the US has almost doubled and quite likely will by January 2017 . In Jauary 2009 it stood at $10,632, 080 trillion . May 31, 2016 it stood at $19,263, 452 trillion. Source : The US Department of Treasury .

2. The number of people receiving food stamps has increased by eight million to 44.3 million. Source The US Department of Agriculture .

3. The labor participation rate has declined to 62.6 per cent in May , 2016 from 65.7 in January , 2009. Source US Labour Department .

This Parliament does not speak for this Canadian.






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