Boy,  things have really changed.

Its hard to say hello anymore. If you are on an elevator,  the silence is deafening. Those that have no instruments in their ears , are just looking straight ahead at the doors, eager to get out and go on their merry way.

If you are on your bike , watch out at those running near you. They can’t hear, their ears are plugged. Forget safety, you can ‘t invade on their private space on a public street, now can you? Would be some sort of aggression. My rights , remember.

And if you are lined up in a supermarket or other mindless buying space , please don’t say hello to a child clinging to its mother’s cart , the Mother’s look will leave you frozen, embarrassed and give you a guilt complex like no other.

Now , even worse are those that have nothing in their ears , but often look strange when you you say hello, good morning, or good day. I mean , what’s you problem , uttering such pleasentaries ?

And then , the worst of all, are those who actually hear you, and respond——–but with an incomprehensible grunt that reminds you of that very early evolutionary era when speech was just developing.





5 thoughts on “Hello—–?

  1. You can’t wave either ! Have you noticed that if you try to make contact the respondents seem to have only one finger ! I finally made my way to the gates of Buckingham Palace for the first time in May, and there sat a young lady with her back against the gates texting ! It is truly out of control, and a whole generation cannot make eye contact !
    Are you settled in Nanaimo ?
    Cheers Joan

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    • Better to contact re: regular e mail on personal stuff. I get scores a day and hence a lag in response is probable. Regular e mail I can respond quicker. Finally settled in an apartment for a few months .


  2. This became real for me several years ago when my Dad was coaching girl’s baseball. One of the girls, maybe 9 or 10 years of age, was upset after having struck out. My Dad automatically put his arms around her shoulders in comfort. After a few seconds he recoiled in horror at what he had done because of what someone might accuse him of. It’s a sad world now.



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