Just the Straight Goods , Please

8:10 am , Starbucks , Alberni Street , Vancouver.

Sipping a coffee and munching a breakfast sandwich , I open my iPad, click Nationa Post , and begin to read the headline ‘ news.’

Well, its its not the news I see before me , but a blazing headline announcing the immediate demise of Britian as an international power . So says Ann Applebaum in an obvious ‘ opinion’ piece , pretending to be news.

And so it is these days. Hard news is hard to come by. One would have thought that the Post would headline with the Cabinet appointments announced by Britian’s new PM . Like their names and a brief bio . If it is the paper’s desire to have an opinion , then call it same but after they have at least listed some facts .

A valuable player in today’s leadership is the press. Sadly, they disappoint , ignore their mission, frequently having difficulty in providing the public with good old ‘ information. ‘

Score an F.


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