Wynne of Ontario

She , the Premier of Ontario, has no shame.

She comes out today with the outrageous statement about how good the provinces economy is doing on the same day that Professor Jack Mintz of the University of Calgary points just how poorly job creation has been there and her own financial watch dog says the debt of the Province is to go up another $50 billion in the next four  years  to $350 billion and deficits will continue after perhaps a one year’ cook the books ‘balance.

She is presiding over a Province  that has the highest debt of any sub sovereign jurisdiction on the planet . Power rates are some of the highest in the country , and public spending to create jobs and stimulate the economy has not worked by any measure.

I remember when there were opinion leaders and political leaders in Ontario who would turn down their noses at the financial and economic condition of the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland and Labrador. And that at a time when none of these Provinces had the diverse economic base of Ontario,  and when Ontario  benefitted from free trade for their cars ( Auto Pact) with America while all the rest of the country paid tarriffs to America for their exports. And how many billions of dollars has the Ontario auto industry received from the Federal Government then and since? And who continues to buy many of those autos?

One would think that given all of this that Wynn and her ilk in Ontario would show at least a scintilla of humility.

Not a chance!




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