Obama’s Dishonesty, Some Legacy!

In recent posts I have described the many foibles of our leaders. Perhaps none is more blatant than President Obama. His outspoken support for the Iran Nuclear deal is a good case in point. The public has learned after the fact of secret deals that accompany the main deal . Two have already been exposed.

The latest secret one , until now, is shocking in that the supposed 15 year time frame restraining Iran from engaging in an expansion to their nuclear enrichment is really 10 years . James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation comments in an article on the matter:

‘The published text of the nuclear agreement was vague on the exact timing of what happens to Iran’s uranium enrichment program after 10 years.

But the new document indicates that after 10 years, Iran plans to start replacing its current centrifuges with thousands of more advanced models that would be up to five times more efficient than the 5,060 centrifuges that it is allowed to operate currently under the agreement.

This concession could allow Tehran to enrich at more than twice the rate that it is now doing, even if the total number of operating centrifuges are reduced. This is a major concern because if the enrichment rate doubles, the time Tehran would need to stage a nuclear breakout would be reduced from the 12 months promised by the Obama administration to six months or less, much earlier than the administration had advertised when it was trying to sell the nuclear deal.’

So here we have the great Nobel Peace Prize winner , leader of the free world , engaging in misrepresentation , dishonesty that is , in the finalization of an important international agreement. Hope and change alright.

Of course the Iranians are crowing over the issue , once again highlighting the lengths to which Obama would go to try and secure some kind of legacy. This attempt , it is clear now ,will backfire . It will be a legacy project of colossal ineptitude .

As Mr. Phillips points out:

‘Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was much more enthusiastic about the newly revealed document. Yesterday, he crowed that it was created by Iran’s “negotiators and industry experts” and was a “matter of pride.”

Indeed, he should be proud. The document outlines how Iran plans to escalate its uranium enrichment efforts with the blessing of the Obama administration until it reaches the point where a nuclear breakout would require only a few weeks of work.’

And what is worse , almost than the gigantic mistake itself , is that few seem to care.


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