North American Free Trade Agreement and Trump

Nafta came into force in 1994. It was passed into law by the respective Parliaments of the three countries: US, Mexico and Canada.

Donald Trump says he wants to change it to provide more benefits to the US . The Agreement has a provision that amendments are possible if agreed by the parties to the Agreement:

Article 2202: Amendments

The Parties may agree on any modification of or addition to this Agreement.

When so agreed, and approved in accordance with the applicable legal procedures of

each Party, a modification or addition shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement.

So the three parties would have to agree to any amendment and passed by their respective parliaments . This will not be easy, I suggest,  and will take time.

A party to the Agreement can withdraw:

Article 2205: Withdrawal

A Party may withdraw from this Agreement six months after it provides written notice of withdrawal to the other Parties. If a Party withdraws, the Agreement shall remain in force for the remaining Parties.



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