Trump and Canada

How much is bluster?

That  is one of the questions that is really difficult to answer at this juncture. If Trump becomes President, big if I agree, but he was not suppose to be the Republican nominee either, there are troubling matters.

Listening to him last night as he spoke from the Teleprompter and hence a more ‘reasoned’ speech , one has cause to worry.


As I mentioned in the last post it is not easy to amend Nafta . But if he is serious , and it seems that  he is, then the uncertainty alone caused by a new President advancing such a position is not something that helps our country. The long process of  re negotiation would be turbulent and unsettling to investors. It is interesting that unlike Senator Cruze who supported the XL  pipeline , Trump is silent.


Then there is the question of defence and security and whether a Trump presidency would demand greater commitment by Canada in money and equipment.  He sure sounds like that might be in the cards. His recent comments on NATO


The trade issue raises the whole energy issue as well as forestry . A more protectionist America is not in Canada’s interests. A more robust energy at home policy , given the large shale oil and gas resource in America, not to mention more American offshore activity when viable, would not be conducive to seeing a quick turn around for western Canada’s energy economy. A more agressive trade stance by America would also endanger the already fragile bilateral forestry arrangements .

Hopefully, as the campaign unfolds , the Trump campaign will be forced to provide specifics .

His comments last night on domestic matters seem to indicate continued state led economic development , a big departure from republican policy, and likely very costly , in contradiction to his bluster about the debt being too high.

Coherence has not been one of Donal’s traits , and while he spoke in sentences and short paragraphs , what he said still lacked a rational approach and at least at this point much be of concern to Canada.


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