Press Creates News

‘Conservative Party’s unity to be tested in federal leadership contest, say some Conservatives’

This is a headline on National News Watch Website this morning. As a matter of fact it is the lead story if one looks at how it is placed on the website page.

Now after relating some Conservative history like the party merger  ten years ago , some conservatives at the time who opposed the merger , and a couple of so called insiders etc the article really is creating news not carrying it. There is no substantial number of people quoted , or in depth analysis in order to credibly cause this to be categorized as carrying the news . And if it was meant to create some news it even does a poor job at that.

I suspect those in charge of the Hill Times from whence the article originated and those involved in National New Watch  were having a slack news cycle and oh yes we can do some fillers like , let’s look at the Conservative Party leadership race and there must still be some anti merger diehards around from which we can concoct  a story.

And so it goes.  Our fourth  estate continues its mediocre performance on behalf of all Canadians.


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