Olympic Memories

Yes , you’re right , this really dates me.

Olympics, 1976, Montreal

I was there.

Took a room on Bishop Street and used the metro( subway ) and buses  to get around.

I saw that amazing Romanian, Nadia Comenaci,  get her perfect score and the gold .

And Greg Joy our very own Canadian pick up the silver in the high jump. Great to see its a gold this time around.

But my most special memory is in basketball with the Yougoslavians   playing the the Soviet Union in the old Forum. Well , every Yugoslavian in the country , it seemed , was  there. As we all know there was no love lost  between these two countries.

The Soviets ,of course, were heavy favourites.

No one told the Yogislavians. They fought and fought. And won.

I had a real good seat . At floor level . I was up and down more times than I care to count.

With the jubilation over , I reached for my wallet.

It was gone. I searched all round. The security helped me search. No luck. Likely it was stolen . I left me name and local address with security.  Nothing.

About six weeks later back home in Newfoundland I received this package in the mail; datelined Montreal . It contained a note and my wallet.

The note read: Thanks for the cash . Everything else  is in order .




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