National Irony

The  irony of Canada’s poor economic performance  is that we have brought it upon ourselves.

Just think of it . We tie ourselves in knots concerning the transmission of Alberta oil to the west so we are not captive to just one market , the Americans , and we do the same thing in the opposition  going east to New Brunswick where we have our largest refinery. So we have effectively trapped ourselves. Truly Canadian. And do you know what this causes ? The US is our only customer for our Alberta oil , hence sold at a discount, and, and wait for it, America ‘s largest importer of their oil is Canada , at going world prices .

And  as of last year the US lifted its export on domestic oil so now they are increasing their exports all over the world to many countries in addition to Canada including , Venezuela, the U.K., France, the Netherlands , Italy, Germany and even the Far East to Japan and China.

And we do not even allow ourselves to compete.



One thought on “National Irony

  1. I would smile at the stupidity but the tragedy of foolishly and needlessly impoverishing the citizens more deserves a cry. Regrettably the rent-seekers and the gate-keepers make a very good living keeping the foolish poor.

    Cheers, gs


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