Our Princeling’s Economic Answer

Architects and Accountants, that’s the answer. So reads the headline in Bloomburg News today.

Our  Princeling has spoken and apparently he has emphasized  services as the export of Canada’s  future and an answer to our economic slump. Hope you got that. The article quotes our selfe user of highlighting Jack Diamond , former South African, moved to Canada ; an architect who has built a one hundred plus person Architectural  Firm in Toronto, and has now been winning contracts around the world. Well, first , he is not the first to do this.  Second, congratulations to him and his firm and to others of like effort. Third, it is true that one string, one string that is , of our economic bow could be exporting services like architecture . Also mentioned is accountancy services. Once again , another string , small , to our bow.

But one hopes our Princeling and his handlers are not so naive as to think this is where our economic future resides. Brainy and urban is good as far as it goes. How far is that? But not sure New York, San Francisco , Houston, Los Angles, London , Zurich , Berlin , Frankfurt ,Tokyo , Shanghai , Mumbai, Paris, Milan will actually be standing still. Not to mention the financial services of Switzerland and many island nations including Honk Kong and Singapore. Mexico has not been standing still. I saw  an impressive high tech sector in Guadalajara that few know much about. Santa Fe was next to New York in sales  of Art in North America when I was there a few years ago.

Its real easy to get carried away on this urban and brainy notion when most of the people you talk to are urban and a handful brainy. And vibrant cities are important , not just now , but in all of civilized history from Carthage , Rome , Athens , to Mesomptania when Moses left there. Just look at the Hanseatic League of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance  period.

So it is not as hip as it seems.  Just to those who know little history. 

So pray tell in this world where are the Prairies, most of Quebec and Ontario, central and norther BC,  and the Atlantic Provinces suppose to do ? Whitehorse, Yellowknife, and Iqaluit?

We are a country of resources , agricultural, fishing ,  mining , including potash , oil and gas , forestry .   And manufacturing , such as it is. And we can find niches in manufacturing and high tech and in urban cells of great creativity.

But where is the hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions , billions of dollars really , to come from to fund ourselves over  the next , say, thirty years?  Additional Hundreds of billions of dollars will be needed in health , education and transportation alone, not to mention vital other areas.

Hey, Princeling! Yes, yes , encourage the urban and technical brainy, but if you don’t start to move some of that oil , create a better environment for foreign investment of all kinds instead of extra committees and undermining the National Energy Board , reducing regulations rather than increasing them , then what you will have is even more inequality , urban islands , and rural wastelands, and near bankrupt Governments across the land.

So , how well has your friend Wynn in Ontario done?  , right under you nose. No doubt some urban creativity , much along with you philosophy , but a Government that is for all intents and purposes in dire financial straits.

Don’t try and duplicate this on the rest of us , please.





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