How are we doing? Net Debt Numbers for Canada

The 2000 number and projected for 2016/17 in dollars

Source : Royal Bank of Canada

BC , 23 B to 42 B

Alberta , 9 B suplus to 10B debt

Sask , 7B to 9B

Manitoba, 9B to 23B

Ontario, 132B to 308B

Quebec, 86B to 188B

New Brunswick, 6B to 13B

Prince Edward Island , 1B to 2B

Nova Scotia , 11B to 15B

Newfoundland and Labrador, 8B to 14B

Federal Govt, 519B to 648B

Note :

Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec , New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island actually doubled their debt in that time frame. And Alberta with big surplus of 9 billion to 10 billion debt.


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