Our Princeling’s China Visit , the Hypocrisy is Suffocating

Claudia Cattaneo had a great article in the National Post yesterday on our Princeling’s visit to China.

The Prime Minister and his Minister of Finance are apparently going to encourage Chinese investment .

What a joke!

The audacity to even utter such silliness when since they have been in power they have done everything to delay the timely development of western Canadian energy. From acts of commission and omission they have essentially shut down the project book . The Gateway, the Trans Mountain , Energy East and LNG projects are all languishing because of a lack of clear and forceful leadership by the Federal Government . As if we needed more bad economic news , Statistics Canada just reported our largest current account deficit in the goods sector , largely due to our flagging energy exports. And our overall trade deficit is near record highs.

Oh, the Chinese  will be diplomatic but no doubt in their own way they will deliver a clear message to our Princling and our failing Finance Minister, that is  : ‘you are one of the big problems. ‘

It’s a far cry from the 1980’s. I remember meeting Li Ka- Shing in Hong Kong and encouraging him to invest in Western Canadian Energy. He did.

I would have a different recommendation today.



One thought on “Our Princeling’s China Visit , the Hypocrisy is Suffocating

  1. Well put, have to get rid of the idiot. So loves having his ugly face plastered all over the place, whilst doing nothing constructive for Canada.


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