It took off

This last blog took off. Wow!

I think many people sense that the catastrophe being pitched by many climate alarmists is exaggeration , nothing more nothing less.

And when you have people like Judith Curry , Stev McIntyre and Ross McKitrick ( the two who blew open the false hockey stick graph of the alarmists ),   Richard  Lindzen of MIT ,  Freemen Dyson of Princeton , Tim Ball, Bjorn Lomborg of Skeptical  Enviromentalist fame and Matt Ridley author of the Rationalist Optimist , as well as the late Michael Crichton who was the first to describe extreme environmentalism as a religion , and the  hundreds of serious thinkers and scientists who have exposed the limits of models and the role of natural variability and the sun in the climate debate , you have quite the array of serious thinkers and concerned citizens.

One  of the unfortunate casualties of this irrational alarmism is science itself . The hard fought concept of establishing an idea and then testing it , and having independent others test it , is at the heart of real science . Dogma is the enemy of scientific thought and reason .

And while it may be validly said that we have ‘progressed’ in many fields since Newton , there lingers in the human psyche a desire, impulse, on too many occasions , to abuse the scientific method for societal gain of one sort or another.

It is  to be hoped that this  , too, will pass and we will regain the un quenchable desire to pursue real scientific inquiry for the betterment of our race.

Any other pathway lessens our humanity.


One thought on “It took off

  1. Good morning Brian. Hope all is well with you. I am not an environmentalist and I believe that politics as much as science fuels the environmental agenda but the global warming thrust of the agenda is tough to deny here on the “rock”. Both the science behind it and the evidence on the ground is compelling. No more Outdoor Rinks, Caplin spawning in deep water, swimming as early as Victoria Day instead of Canada Day. Now, up north where I raised my family, my friends in Cambridge Bay are entertaining cruise ship passengers who paid $30,000 plus to cruise the once “rock” or should I say “ice solid” NW Passage. Something is definitely up with climate.


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