Caught My Attention

We should note the two important developments in South America not involving Brazil :

1. The continuos erosion of the Venezualan nation as an autocratic regime , plus low oil price , takes its toll..

2. And just next  door Columbia announces  an agreement between the Government and the long standing rebel/terrorist opposition .

Then there is Trump , whose shallow Mexican trip and subsequent speech only served to build more ‘walls’ to him becoming President. It is clear now that Senator Cruz really had his measure . Add to that , that the latest state Primaries show McCain and Rubio being nominated  notwithstanding the opposition of many of the Trump crowd, highlighting rejection of the extreme Trump immigration position.

And,  oh yes , our Priceling is in China  trying to outdo his Daddy .

More importantly , the Blue Jays are riding high and ,therefore , Toronto and Ontario finally have something legitimate to cheer about given that just about everything else there has struck out.


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