Andre Rieu—A

Just came from a movie theatre of the Cineplex chain and watched a wonderful three hour concert by Rieu in his hometown of Maastricht , Netherlands. It began in the late afternoon and continued on after dark in the main square . Surrounded by cafes / restaurants , the square was full and a special evening ensued, the audience coming from more than 80 countries.

Now here is a showman with class. He did not steal the show but with his Johanne Strauss orchestra and choir , they put on a show.

There were also exceptional vocals by three sopranos and three tenors capturing the audience with music from Pucinni arias , to the songs of My Fair Lady , and Wizard of Oz ( the Australian soprano was off the chart with her Somewhere Over the Rainbow) .Then Rieu led the orchestra with  waltzes , including the Blue Danube , Lara’s Theme , and Strauss ( accompanied by 120 pairs of local dancers in the aisles) , capping off with Ravel’s Ballero made all the more powerful being accompanied by four male percussionists, grandfather , father , and two grand sons.

Well , not done yet .

It becomes a party with the audience up and dancing, orchestra members’ antics , and the appearance of a black male singer leading all in rock and roll, ending with the old’ tutti fruity’, and then climaxed by all singing Auld Lang Syne.

Rating 5 out of 5.




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