Brian Mulroney is Right

As he was right as it relates to Newfoundland and Labrador’ s offshore resources in agreeing with the Province’s position of treating the resources as if they were on land, so, too, he is right about the energy east pipeline . And his call in his speech yesterday for our Princeling to get involved is also the correct approach. Given the nature of politics in the country presently the former Prime Minister understands that it is only the intervention of a popular Prime Minister who has any chance of making the case for this truly national project. I understand that our Princeling said some positive words concerning getting our resources to market. He better start putting that into action.

No doubt he is getting the message , finally, that all this spending and deficit financing is unsustainable without a robust economy. The Federal  Government cannot  act like Ontario. It has no cover , Ontario has all the rest of us. Sovereign means sovereign. And that means the interests of all the country must be the interests of the Federal  Government . And you tell me whether getting our oil to international markets is not a national  priority? As I have related in this blog it is a national  disgrace that we have only one market for western Canadian oil and therefore have to sell it at a discount to the Americans ; meanwhile the Americans are selling their oil to eastern Canada at going prices .   This cannot stand when we have the wherewithal to change it and bring oil to eastern Canada and world markets, especially Europe.  And while we’re at it  some of that oil must come west to western Canadian ports as well to sell to Asia.

Does anybody realistically think we can maintain the present health, education , social services and other infrastructure without continued development and transmission of our natural resources , especially oil and gas, and especially when we have plentiful supplies? If you are eager to go another road, please look at California ( lost a million people over the last several years)  Ontario ( largest sub sovereign debt on the planet) , or Spain ( had to cut out those solar subsidies, and had to get help from the   EU) .  Germany said no to nuclear and started closing plants. More solar and wind they said . Then they had to open old closed coal plants to keep everything running.

The hospital operating room cannot depend on when the wind blows and when the sun shines.

I remember the talks on the Hemisphere’s free trade agreements . I was involved as leader of a Province . And the consultation was real and meaningful as Mulroney says. As a matter of fact at times I thought it was even too much .

Canadians should be glad Mulroney is still around . He’ s talking common sense and with a sense of national purpose.



2 thoughts on “Brian Mulroney is Right

  1. I had the chance to speak with CPC leadership hopeful, Micheal Chong in St. John’s this week. He was trying to carry a message that the CPC wanted to rebuild itself in Atlantic Canada. I reminded him that the Conservatives under Harper moved away from their traditional support of the provinces to manage their own resources and embraced a centralist government. This is the single underlying cause for the loss of CPC support “down east” and they don’t even seem to realize it…


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